Duck, Duck, …Geese!

My dad graduated from NIU in the early 80s and when he was bringing me to campus for orientation and my private tour given by him and his knowledge of campus one of the memories he shared was that of William the Goose. He said everyone on campus knew William; it was as if he was the school’s unofficial mascot who almost always could be found at the East Lagoon. He even flew around the football field during one of the homecoming games as well. My dad said that despite William running after students, the goose would occasionally hang out by Altgeld and was actually very fond of NIU’s president and vice versa.

To this day if my dad calls on an NIU alum from that time he mentions William the Goose in his introductory sales calls. The memory of ‘NIU’s #1 Alum’ as they say, still lives on today..

Now 30+ years later as I prepare to graduate the relationship students have with the Geese on campus does not cease.  Whether it be the crazy protective goose a few years ago who chased people by the Chick Evans Field House or any of the other geese who can be spotted all over campus. These Geese have joined our generation unlike in my dad’s day. The geese now have a voice in the online social world via Twitter:  @NIUGeese.

Geese for whatever reason are still a humorously popular topic as the Northern Star has published articles about geese, students always have interesting incidents with geese, and now they have 281 followers as of February 13, 2012. It is only going to continue to grow as the NIU Geese turn out to be pretty comical with such posts as:

  • “I dream of the day when a goose can serve our country as president”
  • #30thingsaboutme 18. I have a higher vertical than Michael Jordan. If only I had hands to hold a ball!”
  • #30thingsaboutme 22. I enjoy chasing freshman around campus”
  •  “If Red Bull #GivesYouWings what does it give us? Maybe a weird third wing like the one my cousin Leroy was born with? #creepy”

What might be funnier than some of @NIUGeese’s individual tweets are the conversations they are carrying with people in the NIU community. Topics range from telling football fans that the Geese keep up with workouts in case Coach Doeren needs any wide receivers, all the way to students mockingly suggesting skinny dipping with the geese and not condoning drinking and flying.

If you’re on twitter and enjoy following something that will give you a laugh make sure you follow @NIUGeese.

We’ve Got Talent

Monday, February 6 was Talent Acquisition Night for marketing and sales students. (This event is the equivalent of other department’s Meet the Firm night.) This was my first experience at a school sanctioned internship/career event. Interestingly enough I along with everyone else in my Advanced Professional Selling class last semester were responsible for selling tables to companies for this event.

There were over 150 students that attended and nearly 50 companies. I thought it was a great turnout for a departmental event and it truly was set up quite nice. I’ve been to a professional sports career fair twice and the amount of people there forces you to wait in line for a large amount of time depending on the teams you want to talk to. The marketing departments Talent Acquisition Night was nothing like that. If you waited in “line” you were just waiting for a rep to free up. It didn’t take 10 – 20 minutes to speak with someone.  One thing in common though, there are lots of sales jobs out there. You could tell the companies in attendance last night are big supporters of NIU either coming from the Sales Advisory Board, the Interactive Advisory Board or they are just companies that attend all the job and internship fairs here on campus. It’s great to see that all these companies have such a vested interest in the students here.

I’m usually really excited for events like this but I was severely lacking enthusiasm for Talent Acquisition Night because I have a job lined up after I graduate already. I’ve been telling myself I keep looking and keep applying but the motivation is no longer there. I figured it can’t hurt to go to TAN to at least network with companies there whether I was interested in a lot of them or not. It turned out to be a great goal to just network since I wasn’t in need of a job. I also got some great insight about career paths and following passions from some of the recruiters there. Over all I certainly recommend to anyone whether you’re looking for a job or not, it’s great to go for the networking, the practice and the tips you can receive.  It is totally beneficial and worthwhile to attend and make those connections.