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Louie Zmich is taking over the reigns left for him by Jacob, and he cannot be anymore excited. Wait, why do I keep talking in the third person? Anyway, my name is Louie and I am really enjoying my time as the Marketing and Social Media Intern so far. I love reaching out to students and hearing what people love to read, not to mention the ability to really relate to someone else through ideas and blog posts. I really hope to expand my horizons and take on a wide variety of tasks while improving the communication between you and me! I couldn’t be happier that you all are along for the ride with me… wait, right? You are aren’t you? Anyway, let’s get into it.

Topics may include academics, friends, campus life, campus experiences, professional experiences…things like that.  Oh!  And sports!  Like the baseball, hockey or basketball game you went to the other day.

Writing parameters:

  • Topics should be about your experiences as a NIU Business student
  • Be authentic and have fun!
  • Proofread please (we won’t edit or correct your work)
  • The sky’s the limit!  The body of the post can be as long or as short as you like.  All you have to do is write about what you feel passionate about.  But the title of the post needs to be 34 characters or less
  • Of course, no hate speech, flaming, inappropriate language or topic


  • Include first name (last name optional)
  • Photo of yourself/photo within the blog content
  • Twitter handle
  • The url to your blog (if you have one) for possible listing on our blogroll
  • The url to your LinkedIn account (if you have one) because we’re happy to help promote you!

We won’t edit your submissions, but we do reserve the right to not post every submission.  The main way for posts to not be published is if the writing parameters aren’t met.  Otherwise, we’re very easy going!  


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