Celebrating 2015 & Propelling Forward into 2016


Editor’s Note:  Happy 2016 from NIU Business!  The academic semester begins January 19, 2016.  (Don’t forget NIU Business scholarship applications are due January 20, 2016!) Before that time we want to briefly celebrate some of the significant things we achieved in 2015 — together!



1.  New Program in Entrepreneurship.  The Mike & Kristina McGrath Entrepreneurship Initiative was created with a generous $1 million investment from Mike & Kristina McGrath.

2.  Scholarships.  Available NIU Business scholarships totaled $650,000.  In 2015, more than 20 new scholarships were created and included:  The Robert and Catherine Rothkopf Leadership Scholarship, and the Dr. Denise Schoenbachler Leadership Award in MIS/SAP Integration, created by honorary alumnus Chris Millington and his wife Lorraine.

3.  National News Coverage.  Last year, 14 national news stories featured the excellence of NIU Business faculty research and the college programs.

4.  Student-Created Conferences.  Year 2015 saw at least three student-created conferences, all of them high profile and high impact.  They are:  the Social Impact Summit; Pitch with a CAUSE, and; the BELIEF Week series of events.

5.  Partnerships.  NIU Business entered into 5 partnerships with community colleges to offer a joint business degree designed to help working students and non-traditionals earn their degree.

6.  Guest Speakers.  More than 200 guest speakers — all highly accomplished professionals from a variety of organizations — shared lessons learned with NIU Business students.

7.  Abundance in Faculty Excellence.  

    • 2015 Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Dean
    • Fulbright Specialist for International Peace
    • Beta Gamma Sigma Medallion for Entrepreneurship
    • Top 50 ranking for top-tier research productivity
    • Editor-in-chief of an academic journal
    • James E. Thompson named professorship

8.  Spectacular & Uncommon Students

9.  Sharing Lessons Learned

10 Best in Class – Rankings

  • NIU Business has ranked favorably for more than two decades, since the beginning of the U.S. News list
  • Part-Time MBA ranked among the best programs by U.S. News for 3 consecutive years
  • Master of Accounting Science ranked #9 nationally by Accounting Degree Review
  • Undergraduate and Graduate accountancy programs ranked among Top 25 nationally by Public Accounting Report
  • NIU’s SAP TERP10 exam students achieved a 70% pass rate, exceeding the national average


We could list MUCH more.  Instead, we invite you to share your top NIU Business happenings in 2015!  List them in the comments section of this post, and we’ll update our 2015 highlights!

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