Student Voices is a blog written by College of Business students at Northern Illinois University.  We share views on life and learning directly from students attending the NIU College of Business.  Funny and random things about the university experience may also make its way onto the page from time to time.

The goal is to keep the blog unique to the experiences of individual students or guests who share their stories.  We strive to remain authentic and hope that our readers will value and identify with the viewpoints shared.

We’re delighted to feature guest posts and invite you to send one to us.  Simply check out the Guest Posts tab for more information!  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories!

The thoughts and opinions published in Student Voices belong to the authors of the particular posts — guest bloggers and our resident student blogger  — and do not reflect the thoughts or views of the NIU College of Business or Northern Illinois University.  The inhouse lead for this weblog may be reached at mdejean@niu.edu.  Thanks for stopping by!

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