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Dean's Circle

Distinguished Donor Spotlight ~ Janyce Fadden

It is no easy task to work a full time job, attend classes, keep up with graduate level assignments, and earn an MBA all the while being an expectant mother. For Janyce Fadden, perhaps there was some comfort in knowing that a classmate and paramedic, kept emergency equipment on hand, just in case she gave birth during one of the lectures. Determination, grit, and ambition are what drove this Deans' Circle member, to become a part of the inaugural graduating class of the NIU Executive MBA Program.

Now as the President of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, Janyce still exhibits that same level of grit and determination. She uses her MBA to manage the organization's business practices including retention, expansion, and connection. She is, of course, well connected within the community - a skill mastered at NIU, using her quick smile and even quicker wit. But don't let that smile fool you. She is a realistic, no non-sense businesswomen who gets things done and believes in giving back.

She knows that education changed her life and she wants to share that feeling with others. That's why she became a Dean's Circle member. NIU's College of Business opened her eyes to opportunity. It became even more special to her as a first generation member of the Executive MBA Program. It is that feeling that Janyce wants to pass on to future generations of NIU graduates. She's a valuable resource and while her donations of money are certainly important -- and appreciated -- it's her many hours of mentoring and advising others that has kept her true to her personal motto: do something you love that makes a difference in the world. And that is exactly what Janyce Fadden is doing.