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Father Follows in Son’s Footsteps to NIU Accountancy Program

NIU College of Business 2013 Accountancy alumnus, Justin Bubb, never expected to blaze the trail for his father, Anthony Bubb. But, when his father decided to attend NIU and study accountancy just after his own graduation, Justin overflowed with pride in his alma mater and his father. It didn’t take long for Justin to form best practices for Anthony. He provided him with a list of professors he recommended while giving insights into the classes offered, suggested student organizations, and offered tremendous support.

In 2006, Anthony suffered from a serious injury while in the electrical profession and in 2011 began taking business administration courses at a junior college. Half way through his first semester he found out he liked accounting. He worked hard to graduate from junior college early. Based on Anthony's experiences at NIU and “knowing the reputation of NIU’s Accountancy Program,” he decided to move to DeKalb and live in the dorms at the age of 50.

Anthony equally beams with pride of his son. “Justin made a good name for himself while at NIU; everybody knows him. He has a tremendous work ethic and I was proud to tell my new professors I was his father.”

"Since he was in sixth grade Justin always knew he wanted to be an accountant," shares Anthony. “When he would come home from college he would tell his mother, a book keeper, that she was doing everything at her work wrong,” laughs Anthony. “Now I come home and tell my wife she is doing everything wrong at work! Despite our jokes, my wife has been extremely supportive while Justin and I, as well as my other son, were all in school at the same time. We could not have done it without her.” 

Justin earned both his undergrad and graduate degrees from NIU’s Accountancy Program and works for Sears Holdings Corporation. He is studying to take the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) exam. “Family is important and we help each other,” says Justin. “I am lucky to have been able to help my dad. It adds to our closeness when we have shared similar experiences or work in the same field.”

After graduating, Anthony plans to stay at James Hardie Building Products, where he is currently employed. “I like the work,” explains Anthony. “I agreed to stay on as their cost accountant of manufacturing and take on the role of being the pillar of their accounting department.”

When asked, Anthony and Justin have similar stories about NIU. They both found the Experiential Learning Center, ELC, to be instrumental in their learning and describe it as “an incredible opportunity.” Both hold high regard for their professors, noting their efforts to get them internships. But coming from experience at a junior college, Anthony had a different take on NIU. “I was worried. Junior college was a bit like high school where you know everybody. I was afraid because of the size that it wouldn’t be like that at NIU. I was wrong. The Dean of the College of Business knows my name and it’s like a real family here – very personable. Professors and instructors put in the extra hours, respond to emails over the weekend, and take a genuine interest in their students. I am proud to have joined my son in the Huskie family.”

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